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I-Ron-Mix System by Lucas G

The automatic feeding system designed by Lucas G/ The I-Ron Mix comprises of a feeding robot, a stationary mixer and bunkers for bulk ingredients, all aspects of the system are managed by an administration software.

The I-Ron Mix System

Feeding robot
Wire guided

Diet Feeders
2 types of stationary mixers

Feed Bunkers
Easy management & stock optimisation

Ration management software
For easy management

Lucas g focus on performance

I-Ron-Mix System

The feeding robot I-Ron mix is only used for distributing the ration. The mix is prepared beforehand by the mixer to guarantee a homogeneous ration (Gap of homogeneity <3% over 60 m). A mix without an optimum homogeneity will jeopardize the objectives of efficiency.

I-Ron Mix System is programmed by the farmer to prepare custom rations according to the animals needs ensuring freshness and palatability of the ration. There are no limits concerning the number of rations or batches of animals, the software communicates directly with the kitchen that will process the the new information simultaneously. The farmer will afterwards collect all information related to the quantity of ingredients and distribution in order to optimize all the parameters to complete its objectives.

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The robot


Weighing system
For high quality rations, the weighing system is managed by software XManagement IC, giving the possibility to manage in real time the quantity distributed to each batch of animals.


Straw bedding
Enables straw spreading in order to give a clean bed to animals. Spreading distance is 6 m.


48 h autonomy
Guarantee a sustainable distribution to the herd. Once the distribution is done, the robot goes back to the mixer to be loaded with a new mix. The mixing is done while the robot is busy distributing. 


Moving speed
Moving speed 7 km/h & Distribution speed 2.5 km/h


Up to 4 hoppers
For loading minerals and concentrates to be distributed in the mixed ration

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Specs Feeding robot
Capacity (m³) 2,5
Max herd size / robot 350 Dairy cows / 1500 goats
Overall length (mm) 2870
Overall width (mm) 1800
Overall height (mm) 1900
Distribution height (mm) 500
Acceptable slope 10%
Unladen weight (kg) 1300



Weighing system
For high quality ration, the weighing system driven by the management system XmanagementIC, ensures management of quantities in real time in order to be as close as possible to animals needs


Distribution Trap Door
Front left distribution trap door on paddle mixer – Front or rear right for vertical auger mixers


Mixing system
Endless auger fitted with V shape knives (paddle mixers) Stepped mixing augers (Vertical diet feeders)


Aerated ration
 An optimal mix thanks to a 40 years know-how

Lucas G stationary mixers

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8 to 40 m³


 Useful width: 2 m ; Useful height – between 1.2 m and 2 m; Useful length – between 3.3 m and 9.9 m


Versatile shredders with helicoidal unrollers


1/2/3 shredders


Moving conveyor with chains and slat bars


 Ration management software


Ingredient management

Batches of animals management


Recipes management

Cloud storage

Customer testimonials

 ‘’Since January 2017 the farm is equipped with an I-Ron mix System. It comprises of a wire guided robot and a stationary mixer fed by 6 feeding tables’’.

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